Make homemade Christmas ornaments a family tradition

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Making homemade Christmas ornaments is a family tradition, and if you involve your kids with you

in the preparation of ornaments, it will become one of the best Diy kids craft that will help them in learning new craft ideas. If you want to teach your kids art, you must start from the Christmas tradition. We are here to tell you how you can add this kids craft to the list of your kids activities. If you want to know how you must not miss a single word that we mentioned below. With no more delay, let's have a look!

Salt dough fingerprint ornament: A great idea for kids activities:

It looks super cool when you hang it on your Christmas tree or place anywhere around it. It is quite a simple Diy kids craft idea that you can add to your kids activities list. It is effortless to make and decorate with different colors. It is the best one to involve your little kids to enjoy this kids art with their little fingers. Make them some shapes from salt dough that you can make at home or buy from the market. Tell your kids to dip their little angelic fingers in the paints, and then print those colored fingers on the shapes that you made from salt dough. You can tell your kids to give different shapes to the salt dough like they can make Christmas tree, reindeers, snowman, and houses.

Dit kids art: Yarn hats:

Another idea for kids craft this Christmas is to make yarn hats that look super cute. When Christmas is around, yarn is readily available in the market. Making hats from yarn is so much fun for not only the kids but also for the elders. So when all family members gather to make ornaments for Christmas, do add it in the list of kids diy. Your kids will be more than happy to do the stuff like this. It is not really tricky, and your kids can do it quickly.

Turn candies into decoration for kids craft:

Candies are everyone's favorite when it comes Christmas, and we all make candies to put smiles on our kid's face. What if we use these candies for decoration? Isn't it an excellent idea for kids diy crafts? Yes, of course! You can use different shape candies and tell your kids to decorate your Christmas tree with those candies. Help them in decorating those candies and then let them decorate the Christmas tree with those candies. Trust me; it will be a lot of fun doing this with your little kids!

Buttons and sticks snowflakes ornaments:

Christmas comes in the season of snowflakes, and how can we forget to decorate our Christmas trees without snowflakes. You can teach your kids to make snowflakes with the help of ice-cream sticks and buttons. It is one of the best craft ideas that you can add in the list of kids activities to do in Christmas decorations. Let your kids do this kids diy, and you will see the happiness on their faces.

These are some of the best craft ideas that you can use to decorate your Christmas tree and fulfill this family tradition of decorating Christmas tree with ornaments.

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