With everyone stuck at home during COVID, the idea to start DIY Kids Craft was a no-brainer. Playdates with friends have since turned into playdates with the TV, and it's not always educational, either. Children today have all of this pent-up energy and creativity, but limited outlets when they're forced to stay inside. If only there was a better way to bust the boredom...


Instead of tuning in to another mindless cartoon, we here at DIY Kids Craft offer an alternative that will get young minds (and hands!) active. Our easy-to-follow, step-by-step short craft tutorial videos feature projects of all types -- from simple artwork to more complex feats of artistic engineering -- that will get kids thinking, growing, learning and laughing. They'll love getting to experiment with different shapes, colors and materials and will be proud to show off what they made on their fridge or windowsill.


What's great about our craft how-to videos is they're suitable for kids from all over; big kid or little; only child or middle. Our featured projects are an inexpensive and enriching way for parents to bond with their kids and provide the valuable lesson that there are no mistakes in art, only different perspectives.


DIY Kids Craft releases three new videos a week on our YouTube channel. Parents, teachers and caregivers can be notified of our new art project tutorials via our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and website. Videos range in length from three to five minutes long, making them ideal for keeping the interest of shorter attention spans. The required materials featured in our videos are all easily found at the store -- you may even have all of the items needed already for some projects! Please note that some crafts necessitate adult supervision the whole time. And they ALL require you to enjoy and have fun!